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Before your dog’s first visit, we recommend a routine check-up at the veterinarian.
Important: Please don´t forget to bring your dog´s vaccination card. According to German regulations, he/she must be wormed, treated against ticks/fleas and inoculated against rabies, distember, leptospirosis, and parvospirosis and parainfluenza.
Otherwise, we shall, much to our regret, not be able to welcome your dog at our lodging.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept female dogs in heat. Should your dog go into heat while at Dog Holiday, we will have to look for other accommodations at your expense.


* Good-natured dogs 

32,-  (with VAT-form 27,-)

* Dogs with temperament issues

* Individual housing (single room)

36,-  (with VAT-form 30,-)

54,-  (with VAT-form 45,-)

* Dogs in need of intensive care

Supplementary charge as previously agreed upon

(such as incontinence or other cases of intensive care):

We kindly request you to settle your account in cash when dropping off your dog.

Within the framework of existing legislation, Dog Holiday commits themselves to undertake the provision of extensive care for your dog; for its supervision and for adequate space. Dog Holiday shall not be held responsible for any damages incurred except in cases of gross negligence or willful intent.
Dog Holiday commits to providing insurance for your dog during his/her stay. If force majeure – unforeseeable events at the time this contract was signed – affects or puts at risk, Dog Holiday can cancel this contract without legal recourse.
Should the life of your dog be endangered, Dog Holiday will consult a veterinarian at your expense. Expense allowance per hour: €30,00

Dog Holiday is entitled to call your dog their own, if seven days have elapsed after the dog´s departure agreed upon time passes and if the owner has not informed Dog Holiday of the time delay with a valid reason.


Cancellation costs:14days bevore arrival:20%
10days bevore arrival:40%
6days bevore arrival:80%
3days bevore arrival:100%


Repayment will not be granted if you pick up your dog at an earlier date than agreed upon.

Reservation costs are to be paid in cash at time of arrival.