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Prices as of September 1, 2021:

  • All prices include VAT
  • We accept the VAT-forms
  • Prices are calculated per calendar day
  • Food not included
  • Good-natured dogs
      32,- (with VAT-form 27,-)
  • Dogs with temperament issues
  • Individual housing (single room)

      36,- (with VAT-form 30,-)                                    54,- (with VAT-form 45,-)

  • Dogs in need of intensive care (such as incontinence or other cases of intensive care): Supplementary charge as previously agreed upon.



All rates include:

  • Individual walks along the adjoining field/paths
  • Extensive romping about and playing in a private fenced-in yard
  • Love, praise and appreciation
  • Feedings 2 x per day
  • Simple grooming (brushing)
  • Blankets, carpets, beds, sofas and toys
  • We also live on the property to secure a round the clock care